Worksheets on Subject Verb Agreement for Class 7

Subject-verb agreement is an important grammatical concept that is crucial for effective communication. It is the agreement between the subject and the verb in a sentence, where the verb changes according to the number of the subject. For instance, in a sentence like “The cat is sleeping,” the verb “is” agrees with the singular subject “cat.” However, in a sentence like “The cats are sleeping,” the verb “are” agrees with the plural subject “cats.” Subject-verb agreement errors can confuse readers and listeners, making it difficult to understand the intended meaning.

To help reinforce the concept of subject-verb agreement and to promote better communication skills among Class 7 students, worksheets can be used as an effective learning tool. These worksheets can be designed to cater to the level of understanding of the students, and they can be used as a form of assessment to gauge their comprehension of the topic.

Here are a few ideas for worksheets on subject-verb agreement for Class 7 students:

1. Fill in the blank exercises: In this type of worksheet, a sentence is given with a blank space where the student is required to fill in the correct subject-verb agreement. This activity helps students to understand how the subject and verb in a sentence relate to each other.

Example: The boys _______ playing football.

2. Matching exercises: In this type of worksheet, students are given two columns, one with a list of subjects and the other with a list of verbs. The task is to match the correct subject to the appropriate verb, emphasizing the importance of the agreement between the two parts of speech.

3. Multiple-choice questions: These types of worksheets present a sentence that contains a subject-verb agreement error, and the student is required to identify the correct form of the verb in the given options. This type of worksheet engages the students in the process of analyzing the sentence and identifying errors.

Example: The group of students (is, are) going to the museum tomorrow.

In summary, worksheets are an excellent tool for reinforcing subject-verb agreement skills, promoting better communication, and improving students’ writing skills. By designing worksheets appropriate to the students’ level of understanding, teachers can ensure that they are engaging in a fun and interactive learning exercise that will help them to communicate effectively for years to come.